Frequently Asked Questions

Your concept of incorporating video is not new, what makes you different?
We realize that video technology isn’t revolutionary to the hiring process but we believe in its efficiency. Our goal is to provide our clients with convenient and innovative tools and resources while making the process of using and incorporating video technology as simple and straightforward as possible.
What is your purpose?
Our purpose is to challenge the traditional hiring approach. We value our employer’s time and allow them to quickly meet and pre-screen all of their candidates, before making the decision to bring them in for an interview.
Why should I use a Video Cover Letter?
Because video cover letter presents you with an opportunity to stand out, showcase your personality, passion, professionalism and dedication; as you made the decision to do more than just submit a resume highlighting your skills, experience and education.
Can I use my HireYouOn profile to apply on other job boards or with an employer directly?
Yes, you are more than welcome to do so if the employer is not listed on our site. It is as simple as entering contact information of the hiring manager you wish to send your application to. If hiring manager’s information is not available, you could download your profile and attach it to your application.
This is not for everybody, I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, what should I do?
We realize that our services might not meet everyone's needs, we are here to simply create another avenue for those willing to do more than just submit their resume and hope for a call to get the job they want. Don’t expect your dream job to find you, go out there and fight for it using any means available to you!